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The latest news about Motorboards.
The latest news about Motorboards.
==November 2016==
This website appears to be selling motorboard replacement parts: http://www.electricscooterparts.com/gomotorboardelectricscooterparts.html
==August 2013==
==August 2013==

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The latest news about Motorboards.

November 2016

This website appears to be selling motorboard replacement parts: http://www.electricscooterparts.com/gomotorboardelectricscooterparts.html

August 2013

Plug in vehicles are showing enormous growth in last three years

Plug in vehicles growth 2011-2013

June 2013

The Quad Group/PPI is has now moved to http://www.caraudiosurplus.com for your go/roth parts needs.

TheQuadgroup and others are still selling motorboards and parts on ebay[1]. Used motorboards, bulk wheels, batteries and throttles have been offered recently.

June 2013

Precise Power Industries website http://www.precisepowerindustries.com for 2000X motorboards and parts (new location for thequadgroup) has gone offline.

October 2012

Charles Carpenter's customized motorboard website mymotorboard.com has gone offline. Archive can be found here

November 2011

BOSSBI has dropped the 2000XR-U. Saying "That's all, folks. No more GO Motorboard. The maker no longer makes them, period." Since Roth Motors stopped selling in 2009, it was always a question if the boards were still being produced or just selling off old stock. One of the recent ebay advertisements mentioned water damage at the warehouse, so it could be that they have just give up for now. However the boards are still sold on ebay and available in bulk from sources in China. There are several similar boards offered, and we will keep you informed on them all.

October 2011

TheQuadgroup and others are selling off all motorboard stock on ebay[2]. Motorboards (less battery, wheels and charger) selling for as low as $75. Now is the time to order parts.

September 2011

BOSSBI is selling the 2000XR-U "in very limited quantities"

May 2011

BOSSBI, which is selling motorboards and parts from their website, reports concerning the New 2011 2000XR-U: "What is the real life range for the new model? For a 230-lb rider regularly cruising at speed of 12 MPH or so, he can go up to 6 miles per a single charge. Please bear in mind that other factors like winds, degree of slope, terrain condition all play vital roles on range."

A sales campaign is underway for the new Go Motorboards 2011 2000XR-U:

  • BOSSBI, is selling motorboards and parts from their website[3]
  • Largo Scooters is also now selling the New 2011 2000XR-U[4]
  • Scoty Véhicules électriques (France) is also selling the New 2011 2000XR-U[5]
  • Paint Balls Sporting Goods is also selling the New 2011.[6]
  • And numerous other resellers on the net.
  • TheQuadgroup sells Motorbards and parts. They also service Motorboards. They can be contacted on Ebay.[7]

April 2011

Well, He's back.... The ES-01 scooter from Jiangsu Go-Board Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is being offered again. This time with some more realistic pictures. Click on for some cool detail. They clearly show 5" pneumatic tires, a different throttle, no front suspension springs, and they claim "chain drive"

Item No: ES-01; Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6; Power system: Electric control system; Motor Power (DC motor): 24V/350W; Battery: Lithium 24V 8Ah /24V 15Ahh; Lead-acid 24V 10Ah; Charger: AC100-230V; Charge time: 2-4hours (Lithium) 4-8hours (lead-acid); Riding Distance per charge: 10-15km(8ah)/15-20km(15ah); Max. Speed: 25km/hr; Acceleration: Hall throttle with battery capacity display; Transmission: Chain drive; Brake: Brand brake; Packaging info: 1set (CTN); Gross weight: 15kg; Net weight: 11.4kg(8ah lithium) / 12.2kg(15ah lithium) / 15kg(10ah lead-acid)

Jiangsu Go-Board Sporting Goods new "ES-01" folded rear-view

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March 2011

BOSSBI.com reports[8] "THE WAIT IS OVER GO MOTORBOARD FANS! New 2011 2000XR-U is here; just in time as gas is on the way up again. Diehard GO fans already know this is a truly portable form of transportation: compact, light, versatile enough for subways, trains, planes, cars, boats, etc. Let's cut to the chase: improvements over previous models:

  • The old XR offered a modified 2000X controller board that worked great with the old Ni-CAD and lead acid systems but Li-Po cells pushed the old China-made PCB to its limits resulting in shorter service life over other models. Since that this is the heart of the system we brought the manufacturing of the controller/PCB back to the Good Old U.S.A. The BEEF is now in the heart of the system over-engineered to last and made to handle Li-Po power with ease.
  • Regarding the PCB, the external unit is now just a power supply with EZ plug-in.
  • The LED power indicator now shows 3 levels of battery status plus 3 levels of charge status when plugged in - nice, huh?
  • The old A123 packs were nice but the new Li-Po4 cells offer better range, better reliability and still practical weight but without the $1000 price tag! Our test rider weighs 245-lb and he was getting 5.5 ~ 6 miles and as you know; the lighter the rider (and less hills & winds), the higher the range!

As always this is not a toy but a personal transporter that no one under the age of 16 should operate. As we know more on price and other details, we'll post here. For the time being, enjoy these photo shots (picture titles NOT from BOSSBI).

Go Motorboards product Bag KAYO LIFePO4 15V 7.6Ah New charger All New Motor Controller (bottom side) All New Motor Controller (top side) Bag Handle bar and motor end Front wheel and hinge Suspension

As of today, the 2000XR-U is being sold on BOSSBI, Ebay and in Australia.

February 2011

BOSSBI.com reports "We have a 100% working PCB, new Li-Po battery pack, new power supply, made in the U.S.A. Stay tuned for an official launch date."[9]

October 2010

BOSSBI.com reports "The factory is still working on the new PCB, they have so far rejected 3 revisions but are hopeful that the next prototype is a winner." Stay tuned.[10]

September 2010

REN JIEH CO., LTD offers "At present weight lightest of electric scooter in the world". ES02-250-1 Folding Electric Scooter: dexterous and convenient Electric Scooter. Material uses the Aluminum 6,061 designs and the manufacture causes it the outward appearance to be aesthetically designed. Folding (Patented) operates simply, may the relaxed laying aside in car, also does not occupy the space (entire vehicle weight: Contains Battery only 16.5Kg) Safety: The vehicle uses the power failure system, causes the vehicle not to be suffer from water damage.

ES02-250-1 FoldedES02-250-1 Upright

millennialgoods.com "Sustainable Products and Services for Home, Homestead and Industry" is offering a foldable electric scooter for $850. Folded, the Millennial Goods Scooter is just over three feet long and stores almost anywhere. Only 36 lbs., the Millennial Goods Scooter can be carried or rolled behind you like luggage. There is an optional tote bag to make it easier. When you’re ready to roll, the Millennial Goods Scooter handlebar pops up in seconds. Just stand up, push off and go! The powerful electric drive system can get you up to 13 MPH for a fast, safe and fun trip to your final destination.

Millennial Goods stand-up push scooter

August 2010

New Go Motorboard is being offered from Jiangsu Go-Board Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Click here for details. The major differences are 8" tires (as opposed to 5" tires on the 200XR). It is claimed that it is "Chain Drive" instead of the 2000XR's "Direct Drive". However the tires are airless, it says "motors" (chain drive only needs one motor), and the unit still claims "ALWAYS ON free wheeling system" which could means that the claim for "Chain drive" may really mean some form of direct drive. The "integrated kneeling kickstand" dropped after the 1500X seems to have returned.

Lets hope for the best! Bigger wheels is a plus and hopefully a better battery / smarter controller (like the SRX system), and an improved drive system would be GREAT NEWS!!!

Jiangsu Go-Board Sporting Goods new "ES-01"

Unfortunately the offering doesn't look real.

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July 2010

BOSSBI.com reports "Next generation GO is US-made, higher capacity battery plus many other improvements. It should be available in a month or so! So far the test unit is awesome!" Stay tuned.[11]

BOSSBI.com is still offering Go Motorboards on their website. Concerning wheels they say "AVAILABILITY: Sept 2010 for Black Wheels & mid-Aug 2010 for Orange Wheels. [Orange wheels] will be discontinued for good after this upcoming batch."

A NEW MOTORBOARD DISCUSSION FORUM has been created at this website dedicated to the Go Motorboard's 1500X, 2000X and 2000XR motorboards. Also an archive of the old motorboardmods.com forum has been posted here.

MotorBoardMods.com has gone offline last month.

European Motorboard Club is now offline.

May 2010

The SRX motorboard is now being offered at http://www.mymotorboard.com!!!

Ordering the Motorboard SRX

Scooters purchased at mymotorboard.com are built to order*. Customers are invited to choose from a number of features that allows each motorboard to be something personal and unique. The features include^:

  • Charger imports installed in the base or handle bars
  • LED lights and headlights
  • Cell phone charging port
  • Assorted deck designs
  • Spare battery pack (for extended range)

Please note that delivery time will vary based on availability of parts necessary to complete your customized package. Our motorboards currently retail at $699.00.

We also will rebuild your old GoMotorboard to our most recent specifications. The customer will be responsible for the shipping, parts and labor.

If you are interested, just send a note to mymotorboard@gmail.com. We look forward to crafting a motorboard that will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

  • Gomotorboards are no longer being manufactured. There is a limited supply available. New and more advanced models are in the design phase. We hope supplies last until new models arrive.

We invite your opinion and feedback at mymotorboard.com. Be sure to check the site often and vote for features that may appear in future designs. Your input just may help resolve debates among our design team.

Some cool features include headlight, blue-riding lights and GPS.

SRX-motorboard1.jpg SRX-motorboard2.jpg

See also http://www.mymotorboard.com/about.php

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April 2010

8Ah, 9.3Ah and 11Ah 2000X Batteries are showing up in Japan

For almost a year months now, thequadgroup has been selling Motoboards and Motorboard spare parts on ebay. They offer 2000X Motoboards for about $300, as well as wheels, motors, batteries, throttles, etc. (I haven't seen them offer a controller board) Its almost as good as having Roth Motors back in business. :-)

European Motorboard Club is now on facebook here

September 2009

BOSSBI.com reports "Go Sporting Goods/Roth Motors are on the verge of coming out with a new model, that incorporates the latest LiFe safe-lithium batteries, with amazing power, and have completely redesigned the motor controller electronics to be able to handle the increased power. After several years of making the motorboard, they have taken all the lessons learned and put them into this new model. The physical design, styling, and construction have always been top of the line, and the GO is still without equal in the scooter market. Now, we finally have a battery and electronics combination that completes the picture and makes this the most incredible personal transporter on the market anywhere in the world."[12]

BOSSBI.com is still offering Go Motorboards on their website.

August 2009

The European Motorboard Club is now online! More than a scooter or electric scooter, the Go Motorboard is defined as ... "Transporter" !

Urban, aesthetic, fast, lightweight vehicle both high tech and ecological, without equal, was created by David Roth in 2002 and produced at the unit until early 2009. The Go Motorboard electric scooter has since closed its doors in California! Can it be reborn, perhaps its name changed as it has been done before, so they can offer a revolutionary device once again?

Meanwhile thousands of Motorboard owners feel a little bit like orphans ... The objective of Motorboard Club (whose membership is completely free and takes only a few seconds) and its site is to promote exchanges of information, tips, addresses, parts, ... so that our fabulous Motorboard can continue to give pleasure as long as possible.

May 2009

  • BOSSBI.com is offering Go Motorboards and parts "in limited quantities"
  • a community member received a message from an ebay user called "thequadgroup" saying
go/roth motors will be a new company and name with better products there are some legal issues being worked out and the current state of the economy is not helping. there should be parts for some time to come. - thequadgroup

April 2009

  • An ebay user called "thequadgroup" located in Palm Desert, CA, (near the Roth warehouse) starts selling replacement wheels, batteries, and other spare parts. They advertise that they service Go/Roth Motorboards

March 2009

January 2009

  • As a response to the apparent meltdown of Go Sporting Goods aka Roth Motors, a community of motorboard users has set up this wiki. Here at Motorboards.org we will do our best to find spare parts, alternative solutions and come up with innovative ideas to boldly go where no motorboard has gone before.
  • RothMotors.org is no longer taking orders from their website.
  • Javora LLC, who had been selling 2000XR motorboards and parts for a long time on ebay, has pulled all their ads from ebay.

December 2005

Largo Scooter received their first demo 2000X today 12/16/05. The fit and finish is high quality just like the 1500X was. The ride is greatly improved with the new front suspension and much smoother on the bumps. The 2000X also coasts better since there is no regenerative braking on this new model. Actual weight on a postal scale was 19lbs. 13oz. They write "I really like the 1500X and I like the 2000X even more. It's the smallest and lightest pro scooter on the market and a lot of fun to ride. Danny Doris"

August 2003

Largo Scooter received their demo 1500X yesterday 9/29/03.

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