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I hope to figure out how the motor controller works and look for second source replacement parts.

So far I know that it has

with an 8Mhz crystal.

Type IPD05N03LA Package P-TO252-3-11 Marking 05N03LA AJ514

  • Buzzer (which by the way can't be heard because Roth left on the paper cap.)

an optocoupler, power switch, a buzzer, and molex connector for the throttle and its three LEDs.

The use of the PIC16F73 means that the program on the chip could be changed or modified. (It is programmable by a USART and theoretically could be connected to a PC with a simple cable). As long as the LEDs go on in sequence (Red, Yellow, then Green) at power up it means the the microprocessor is probably ok. I would think that the only thing that would kill the microprocessor is water. But unless you drive through a lot of puddles, water won't get inside the motorboard, and there probably wouldn't be water damage.

The biggest risk is overworking the motors causing the Mosfets to burn out. Replacing a Mosfet by soldering a new one in its place would be much cheaper and faster than ordering a new board.