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==Trouble Shooting==
==Trouble Shooting==
* [[Diagnosing motor problems]]
* [[Care and feeding of polyurethane wheels]]
* [[Care and feeding of polyurethane wheels]]
* [[Loss of power]]
* [[Loss of power]]

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A community wiki dedicated to the Go Motorboard's 1500X, 2000X and 2000XR motorboards. This wiki is supported by a volunteer community and is not in any way affiliated with Roth Motors or Go Sporting Goods, etc. It is a non-commercial site, and everything here is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Why in the world would anyone want to support a product from a company that went bankrupt? Click here.

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Roth Motors

Application Notes

Technical Reference Manual

Trouble Shooting

Replacement Parts

  • Motorboardmods.com They are the premier supplier of aftermarket and custom modifications for the Roth Motorbord series scooter. They supply batteries, Ensolite shocks, custom shocks, battery chargers, 2000X upgrades, and more.
  • Roth Motors catalog
  • 1500X parts on ebay
  • 2000X parts on ebay
  • 2000XR parts on ebay