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Handlerbar folded
Handlebars size

The Roth handlebar design is very nice. Very few scooters have detachable handlebars, and this is a very nice feature for stowing the motorboards under a bus or train seat.

The T-Stem and handlebars are the same for all models of motorboards. The T-Stem will fit all steering columns for all models. However the handlebar dimensions have varied slightly so that the T-Stem and handlebars come as a matched pair, and must be used together.

Dangling handlebars

The disadvantage however is that the handlebars, when detached, dangle and can be a nuisance. I found a simple solution to be to carry a rubber band with me. Connect the two handlebars together by means of the rubber band under the main steering bar. When I am riding the motorboard, I simply leave the rubberband on one of the bars.

Careful of the pin

One important note: The detachable handlebars are held in place by a spring loaded pin. If that pin is NOT properly in place, the handlebar will detach. If it detaches during a kick-scoot, where your weight is pressing fully on the handlebar to give the motorboard extra speed, you will quickly find yourself tumbling onto the sidewalk or where ever.

Repair the elastic band

After about five months of use (5x20x2 or 200 rides) the black elastic band inside the handlebars wore down and broke. I was able to replace it easily with simple elastic cord. I doubled the elastic cord to provide strong pull so the handlebars wouldn't bounce, and tied a knot in the ends at the end of the handlebars.

Proper placement of the brake/power cables

Placement of cabling
It is possible, to place one handlebar under the cable and mix up the proper positioning of the cable. This will cause unnecessary strain on the brake and throttle, perhaps breaking the wires in the cable to the throttle. To the best of my knowledge, the proper routing of the cables is from the steering bar, going left (as you stand on the scooter) and then in front of the steering bar. This position provides minimal strain on the throttle cable and its wiring.

Stem Lock

Stem Lock Bracket
Stem Lock (Front View)
The frame extension is held in place by a spring loaded pin.