Wheel quality and mileage

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Chipped wheel due to riding over small gravel/stone
Cracked wheel due to impact of crack in road surface
Notched wheel (two vertical lines in foreground) due to motor spin out
Bloated wheel rubs at the top motorsled causing loss of power
Wheel bearings cause clicking noise and loss of power, no visible damage
Normal wear after 100 miles of usage
Normal wear after 150 miles of usage (wheel still functional if sidewalls intact)

The width of the wheels that I have purchased from Roth may vary by as much as a millimeter. This affects performance of the wheel.

Some wheels purchased from Roth have a ridge on one side. IMHO, this MUST be sanded down. In my experience the ridge wears unevenly and can cause a crack in the Polyurethane.

I have been able to get 150miles max, or about one months usage, before having to replace the rear wheel. This includes roadside motorboarding with varying road conditions. Although after three years of riding, I can get about 450miles/3 months out of a wheel due to carefully avoiding stones and cracks in road, and seeking out smooth surfaces.

Typical "end-of-life" for wheels

Typical wheel usage is seen in the pictures at right. When one of these conditions occurs, it is necessary to replace the wheel. It should be noted that it is possible to separate the bearings from the wheel and reuse them in another wheel if needed.

Diagnosing problems

If the wheel "clicks" at a fast rate, several times for each rotation of the wheel (perhaps accompanied with loss of power) then problem is usually with the bearings. This can be easily checked by rotating the wheel by hand and listening for clicking or "screeching" noises.

If the wheel "clicks" at a slower rate, once per each rotation of the wheel, then the problem is usually with the wheel itself. Usually a crack or notch has developed and this can be sanded down with sandpaper.

It is possible that the wheel itself can become bloated and even though no damage is apparent to the sides of the wheel, it will rub at the top motorsled causing loss of power.

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