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To upgrade from 2000X to 2000XR involves using A123 batteries that carry a more durable charge at less than half the weight. Adding balancer for each battery pack. Adding a charger and a new battery cable. The original 2000XR provided a S5P3 pack (5 in serial, 3 in parallel). Using the OMG batteries it is possible to create a S5P3 or large pack from multiple S5P1 pack

Battery Cable

The upgrade battery cable utilizes a male Deans plug, a 5.5 x 2.5mm barrel jack (female charger plug), and two Insulated Female Terminals. This cable replaces the 2000X cable.

Battery cable for 2000XR upgrade Lengths of wires in batter cable

The barrel jack appears to be a "Size N Panel-Mount Coaxial DC Power Jack" from Radio Shack also similar to a "CONN JACK 2.5X5.5MM VERT PWR PNL - PJ-065B" from Digikey

A123 Batteries

5S1P 16.5V2300mah A123 NEW Battery Pack for Models

OMG Battery is offering A123 2.3Ah batteries with connectors for power and balancer for $50, perfect for low mileage 2000XR. They can be stacked with extension cables. Balancer works with Astro Flight "Blinky" Li-poly balancer.

This pack uses 14awg wires with a female Deans plug and 5S JST-XH balancing connector.

A123 Balancer

Balancer for A123 1-6 cell battery packs

Here is a balancer for A123 cells that was recommended by the motorboard community:

Simple, easy to use Astro "Blinky" Li-poly balancer for A123 1-6 cell battery packs.

Features: - Specifically designed for A123 batteries - See if all cells are above 2.8V before charging - Balance your pack while you are charging - Balance your pack after charging - Discharge individual cells that are overcharged - 0.100" pin spacing with 0.025 square pins - Direct fit for PolyQuest batteries

Deans Y-Parallel

Deans Parallel cable for S1P5 battery packs

In order to increase battery mileage, it is either possible to connect the OMG battery packs in parallel using a Y-Parallel cable or a Parallel module available from hobby shops. For example this T-Plug Parallel Adapter available for $9 from VCSHobbies.


Go Motorboard 1500X, 2000XR, 2000XR+ charger

No recommendations yet. Original 2000XR chargers are still available on ebay (search for motorboard). 2000XR and 1500X chargers are exactly the same. They have a 5.5 x 2.5mm male charger tip.

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