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Throttle (Variable Speed Control)

The same Trottle Control is used for 1500x, 2000x, 2000xr, and 2000xr+.

Theoretically it would be possible to connect the motors directly to the battery with a simple on/off switch and no motor controller would be needed. The operator would have no control over speed, however. The motor controller was designed to give the operator control over speed, indicate faults, and provide some safety features to protect the operator as well as the motorboard.

To control speed the microprocessor reads the position of the throttle and sends pulses to the power transistors. The longer the pulses, the more power that goes from the battery to the motor.


Underside and connector
Underside with connector removed
Top side with LED indicators
Top side closeup
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When you turn the motorboard ON, the green light goes on then off, then the yellow light goes on then off then the red light goes on then off and then the green light goes on solid. Then the operator pushes to go.

When the battery gets low, the YELLOW light will illuminate. When the battery gets critically low, the RED light will illuminate.

The motorboard has an automatic low power shut off. If low power is detectied the red LED will blink, and power will be shut off completely. This means your battery is fully discharged. You must recharge the battery. The drive will not function when the battery is discharged and the red light flashes. Although it is possible to turn off the motorboard, wait 5 seconds, and turn it on again to allow the motorboard to operate for a several hundred more feet.

The low battery indication (YELLOW and RED) can also occur if the motors become disconnected from the Motor Controller. If the charge indicates GREEN, but the throttle indicates YELLOW or RED, check for a broken or loose connection.

If the PIC microprocessor crashes, three Speed Controller lights (green, yellow, and red) will be illuminated. If this occurs, stop riding immediately, and turn the motorboard OFF, wait five seconds and then turn it ON.

Due to small electrical leakage, the red light can glow slightly when riding, even when the green indicator light is illumintated. It is usually noticed at twilight or in low-light conditions.


The throttle cable connects to CON2 on the Motor Controller. It is labeled

  • VR1.1 - green
  • VR2.1 - black
  • GND - brown
  • HC - loop (harness connect, indicates if cable connected to PCB)
  • HC - loop
  • LED3 - orange GREEN LED
  • LED2 - yellow YELLOW LED
  • LED1 - blue RED LED
  • VCC - red
  • NC - purple

VCC and GND are obviously power.

VR1.1 and VR2.1 go to the speed control potentiometer. The potentiometer is 24KΩ. Because of the mechanical connection it varies from 24-11KΩ or 0-20KΩ. There is a limit switch that cuts the Ω to zero.

LED1,LED2,LED3 go to the Red, Yellow and Green LEDs respectively.

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