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Mini Folding Scooter with Three Wheels
Electric scooter
Polyurethane Wheels

Established in 1996 and Located in Dong Guan area of South China . Solax group and its brother company Wise Fame group had jointly set up a comprehensive manufacturing base over 3000 employee with 7 factories infrastructure and 5 individual but interactively integrated main operation platforms for

  • Mold build
  • Injection
  • Metal parts machining / stamping
  • Composite material fabrication
  • SMT / Electronic component SMT or wave soldering

Solax Technology builds our core competence through the profound manufacturing knowledge and accumulative experiences in various product fields such as mold fabrication , resin injection , CNC machining and accumulative know-how cultivated from over years developed patented-products including telescopic ladder , electrical golf cart , electrical scooter and broad variety of carbon fiber products

Solax Technology also pursuits its market-oriented technology in a leading position of massage / sporting goods in China/ Taiwan so as to provide a platform regarding business/ service featured with vertically consolidated manufacturing operation , e.g. metal parts machining operation/injection/ electronic components assembly through out world wide markets covering North America , Canada , Europe , Australia and New Zealand and other strategic areas.

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