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stefanrahovean writes:[1]

Hi there, all you Motorboard passionates!!! It took me about 3 years of testing and innovating, but the results are simply amazing. I have finally redesigned the Motorboard's controller and battery so that combined they will give you the amazing brain and heart that will match the Motorboard's body.


The Motorboard flies at 17 miles/hour with the new increase in voltage from 14.4 to 18.5 volts(20.5 volts fully charged). The 16000 mAh will give you more than twice the range of the super expensive XR+ which only delivers 16.5 volts and 6900 mAh. To achieve these great numbers I had to change the controller, the charger, the throttle and the battery.

You can purchase the SRX Customization Package by clicking on this link

purchase the SRX Customization Package


My new customized scooter is similar in performance with the GoPed Electric scooter which retails for $1700. Since it is very difficult for most of you to ship your Motorboards to me for customization, I decided that the best option will be to put together a customization instruction manual which includes every step of the customization project plus detailed photos of the work involved. The manual is available to anyone who wants to see it. Just follow this link and you'll see all the instructions for the customization [[1]] . You can also send me questions to my business email at .Please contact me if you are interested to transform your current lazy Motorboard into a fast, long lasting Olympic runner. If you need more details about my work, feel free to contact me. I will soon post a video on YouTube with my Amazing SRX Motorboard.


There are two options available for this project. One option is a do it yourself project which involves you following my customization instructions and performing all the work, while I provide you with all the parts needed. On the other hand, if you don't think that you can handle the project, I can do the whole work for you for an extra $99 and you will also be responsible for 2 way shipping. Just to give you an idea, a 16000mAh battery sells on the US market for over $500. My project has a total price of $395 plus shipping and it includes : One Lipo 16000mAh battery + One Lipo Charger/Balancer + One DC Adapter + One Thumb Throttle + One Small Digital Voltmeter + One Customized Controller + One EPDM Rubberized Sponge Sheet + 5 Rubber Pads + One Customized Balancing Port + 4 ABEC9 Precision Bearings. The extremely low price for the Lipo battery will not be here for a long time so I suggest you take advantage of it fast. When my battery supplier decides to increase the price of the battery, then I will also have to increase the total price of this package proportionally to cover my expenses.

Contact Information

Get the SRX Customization Package and your old feeling of disappointment associated with this brand will turn into sudden joy and awesomeness!!! I wish you a splendid adventure with your new SRX Motorboard. Ride With Passion!!! My email address is



  1. The Ultimate SRX Customization Package For Motorboard!!