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1500X-2000XR Polyether based polyurethane wheel

Technical data (based on physical measurement):

  • Wheel Ø (D) 125 mm (5")
  • Hub width (T1) 42 mm (1.7")
  • Wheel width (T2) 42.5-43.5 mm (1.7")
  • Tread radius: 18mm (motor touches inner traction area: 9mm)
  • Bearing seat Ø (d) 22 mm (fits 608ZZ bearing 8x22x7)
  • Axle Ø: 7mm (bolt diameter)
  • Bearing version: Ball bearing
  • Load capacity: 350 kg?
  • Unit weight: 0.63 kg?
  • polyether based polyurethane wheel
  • polycarbonate wheel Hub

There are many wheels 125mm x 40mm, but the width needs to fit exactly.

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  • thequadgroup on ebay, Replacement wheels, Batteries, spare parts, Located in Palm Desert, CA, (near the Roth warehouse) they service Go/Roth Motorboards
  • The Blowout Boutique appears to be liquidating Roth's stock of motorboards by selling them one at a time on ebay.