Rehabilitating an old motorboard

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It is reasonable to expect that at sometime in the future, even if a new motorboard is introduced, that parts for the Roth Go Motorboard will become increasingly difficult to obtain.

Some possibilities for rehabilitating an old motorboard are listed here:

Child scooter

The motors, controller and batteries can be removed to make an high quality kick scooter.

Controller-less scooter

Go Motorboards' younger brother, with push button on deck

A low budget solution to rehabilitate a motorboard is to bypass the controller. For a motorboard that has functional wheels and motors, it is possible to purchase a standard lead-acid battery and install a push button on/off switch mounted on the deck, bypassing the controller and providing current directly to the motors.

The lead-acid battery is more sluggish than some of the new batteries, so ON/OFF control may be acceptable in certain situations.

Solax Technology Limited of Dong Guan area of South China, which produced the Go Motorboard, apparently produced such a motorboard. See picture on right. The power is applied by stepping on the green button on the deck. Note that the lower frame, drive mechanism and rear wheel are exactly the same as the Roth Go Motorboard.


As of August 2010, motorboards and parts still frequently appear on ebay. It is possible to purchase a second - even non-functional - motorboard and combine the components into a single working model, or sell the parts on ebay for others to do the same.