Power Sled

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Motor Power Sled (top view), rear wheel attaches on right
Motor Power Sled (bottom view), rear wheel attaches on right
Motor Power Sled (rear view), note four screws that hold motors to sled
Motor Power Sled (forward view), chopper motor on left (chopper wheel not shown)
Motor Power Sled (axle view), not removable collars for wheel axle/bolt

The Roth Motor board is powered by two 325 Watt motors that fit into the "Motor Power Sled". The same motors and Power Sled are used for all types of motorboards: 1500X, 2000X, 2000XR, and 2000XR+.

The Motor Controller is attached to the Power Sled by four screws.

The Brake Unit is attached to the Power Sled using two screens and a spring loaded cable.

Possible areas for failure

The four screws that hold the two motors to the Power Sled are essential to proper operation of the motorboard. If they are not tight and firmly positioning the motor in the correct position then proper traction will not be applied to the rear wheel and a loss of power will result.

If loss of power is suspected to be caused by lack of traction, then check that all four screws are tight. Locker washers are used to make sure the screws do not become loose due to vibrations caused by road surface.

Another possibility is the hole on the motor that the screw attaches two is threaded. This threading can become worn or even broken by vibration or a heavy rider (greater than 160lbs).