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Problems that cause the motorboard to cease to function can be divided into two groups:

  • When the motor controller is working (Green LED is showing)
  • When the controller is not work (No LEDs are lighting up)

Motor controller working

Optical wheel

If the battery full charges (as indicated by the charger green light) and the motor controller is operational (by green light) yet there is no power when kick starting, the problem could be in the optical wheel.

Place the motorboard on a workbench and open it up. Check that the optical wheel is clean and "U" shaped holder for the counter is not obstructed.

If the chopper motor is not tightly connected to the power sled, by means of two 3mm allen screws, then the motor will buckle outwards due to pressure from the wheel. This will cause the optical wheel to move away from the "U" shaped holder and no pulses will be sensed by the motor controller.

If no pulses are sensed by the motor controller for any reason, the motorboard will think it is still traveling less than 3mph, and will not apply any power. NO error indication is given by the motorboard.

In summary, battery ok, controller ok, no power - problem is probably optical wheel.

Throttle Control

If the throttle is not properly connected to the Motor Controller, the GREEN led will light but there will be no power. Check that the connector from the Throttle is properly connected to the Motor Controller.

In summary, battery ok, controller ok, no power and its not the optical wheel - problem is probably the throttle cabling.

Broken motor connections

Check that the wires connecting the Motor Controller and the Motor itself are firmly attached. Sometimes, due to overheating the connector on the motor can begin to melt and break the connection, or the solder on the Motor Controller can melt also breaking the connection.

Dead motor

A motor can be tested by disconnecting it from the Motor Controller and attaching it to one or two standard 1.5V batteries.

Motor controller not working

Dead battery

See also Battery troubleshooting guide and Battery charger information

A obvious cause of a dead motorboard is simply a dead battery. If the battery is low the YELLOW led will light. If the batter must be recharged, the RED light with blink and after a while become solid RED. At that time, the motor controller will prevent the motorboard from operating in order to protect the battery from being discharged too much.

Another cause of a dead battery is a malfunctioning battery charger. For further information see Battery charger information. Both the battery and the battery charger can be checked using a standard Voltmeter. The factory recommended voltage for a 2000XR pack is 18V. The Roth Motors charger (which is also used for the 1500X) slightly over charges the pack to 19V. The working range of the battery is between 16V-19V.

Motor controller faulty

A burnt out Motor Controller will not light any LEDs during power up. The batteries and motors can be tested independently of the Motor Controller by connecting the battery directly to the motors to operate them at full speed. (This is dangerous, see Diagnosing motor problems for more information).