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European Motorboard Club

The European Motorboard Club is now online (in French)! More than a scooter or electric scooter, the Go Motorboard is defined as ... "Transporter" !

Urban, aesthetic, fast, lightweight vehicle both high tech and ecological, without equal, was created by David Roth in 2002 and produced at the unit until early 2009. The Go Motorboard electric scooter has since closed its doors in California! Can it be reborn, perhaps its name changed as it has been done before, so they can offer a revolutionary device once again?

Meanwhile thousands of Motorboard owners feel a little bit like orphans ... The objective of Motorboard Club (whose membership is completely free and takes only a few seconds) and its site is to promote exchanges of information, tips, addresses, parts, ... so that our fabulous Motorboard can continue to give pleasure as long as possible.

2010 International Motorboard Race

Plans for the Roth Motors, World Cup, International Motorboard Race in Marseilles, France are being drawn up now.

Just kidding.

Happy motorboarding!
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