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  • Buy some Isopropyl Alcohol 70% to clean the side of the rear tire. It is very important to have a smooth, clean surface on the sides of your rear tire since that is where your transmission is. The cleaner and smoother the sides of your rear tire are the faster and longer your ride is.
  • Don’t let the rear wheel sit in one position for long periods because you’ll develop a dead transmission spot on the sides of you rear tire. This will greatly decrease the quality of your ride. For best results you should remove the back tire when the scooter is not in use. However, if you think that is too much of a hassle, you can simply roll the back wheel once every few days so you don’t develop the dead transmission spots
  • When you ride the Motorboard, it is recommended to have a small paper towel sheet so you can clean the dusty buildup on the sides of the back tire. If you don’t have anything available you can use your fingers to clean it( for guys only)
  • Don’t accelerate through rough road and potholes
  • If you notice any ruptures (broken surfaces) on the sides of your back wheel, then you need to check your motors to make sure they are working properly and if their screws didn’t get loose. You can do this by removing the back wheel and then by pushing with your index finger sideways and up&down on the motor’s metal cones. If you notice any move then you shouldn’t ride it anymore until you screw them back in properly.
  • Don’t brake too hard because if the back wheel locks, then you’ll no longer have a round wheel due to friction.
  • Purchase a set of 4 ABEC 9 bearings or even ceramic bearings to make your Motorboard go faster and smoother.
  • Don’t tight the back axle nut too hard. Let the back wheel have a very small sideways movement, noticeable when you push the back wheel from one side to the other. This will ensure a symmetrical transmission surface for each of the motors.
  • Purchase 5 rubber washers from your plumbing store and place 4 of them around each screw between the deck and the aluminum structure of the scooter. The last one, you can position in the back of the deck. By doing this you get some ventilation inside your motorboard which is a great cooling feature not only for your motors, but also for the original controller which doesn’t have a heat sink to disperse excess heat.
  • Get one of those air spray from Staples and use it at least once a year to clean up any dust buildup present inside your Motorboard.

Source: Stefan Rahovean

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