Lubricating the folding mechanism

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The manual says to avoid using extra force to move the folding mechanism. Crunching or grinding resistance is caused by trapped grit. This grit can gouge the aluminum parts if you forcefully move the folding mechanism. Thoroughly clean the entire Motorboard and lubricate it before attempting to fold it again.

Frame and wheel lubrication

  • A couple drops of oil are sufficient to clean and lubricate the folding mechanism.
  • Use just a drop or two of 3-in-1™ oil or 5w-30w synthetic motor oil on a Q-Tip™ to lubricate the spot where the Hinge Pin slides in and out of the locking position on each side of the Steering Head.
  • Also apply just one drop of 3-in-1™ oil or 5w-30w synthetic motor oil at each pivot point.

It’s very important to use just a small amount of oil when lubricating the folding mechanism. Using excessive oil causes your Motorboard to become overly sticky, resulting in trapped dirt and grit. This excess dirt and grit can damage the unit. Also, conventional motor oil gets sticky very quickly compared to synthetic motor oil or 3-in-1™ brand oil.