Lighting & Driving at night

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The Roth user manual says don't do it, and it may be illegal is some states.

Scooter Laws - Listed By State

One of the biggest problems with motorboards is that they are unexpected and unfamiliar to drivers. To the driver of a car they look like a simple pedestrian, but travel at the speeds of a bicycle. It is also not possible to hand signal with a motorboard (the small wheel base means there is little centrifugal force to keep the scooter stable, so both hands have to remain on the wheel. In fact some states REQUIRE you NOT to hand signal).

That being said, in my situation there is sufficient room at the side of the road for me to feel comfortable riding at dusk. However when crossing the road I like to be seen. Rather than trying to mount any lighting on the motorboard where it will be too low, I have better success with a Red flashing bicycle light pined to my backpack and a helmet mounted front light in blink mode. In both cases my intention is not to provide light for me to see (there is enough street light for that), but rather to be seen. Occasionally I have tried a reflective vest if conditions seem to warrant that.

Motorboard essentials: Backpack, Helmet, Headlight, Taillight, Reflective vest