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Front Suspension
Front suspension size

Take care if adjusting the front wheel splash guard. The splash guard bolts are glued on. If you try and remove them to adjust the splash guard the bolts may snap.

The Roth website says:

This is the Front Spring Suspension for the 2000X Motorboard. It includes the suspension piece and the plastic fender. No Wheel or screws are included.
IMPORTANT! You must use some kind of liquid thread lock (not included) on the threads of the screws when attaching this piece, or it will vibrate lose when riding and result in a dangerous situation.
Note for 1500X owners: This piece was designed to fit on the 2000X model Motorboard. We cannot guarentee that it will fit perfectly on a 1500X model Motorboard. We have tested the fit on many 1500Xs, and the majority have fit just fine, but you may need a rubber hammer or at worst a dremel tool to get a perfect fit.

Road vibration caused by the relatively small 5" solid polyurethane wheels can not only cause electronic components to disconnect and fail, it can cause the battery malfunction internally. The 1500X with the stock front suspension has a rough ride that is so hard on the batteries that Roth would not warranty batteries unless the customer also purchased a suspension upgrade kit.