Customized NiMH Battery for 2000X! (13 Miles Range & Improved Speed)

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This is a custom made battery which I specifically designed for the 2000X Motorboard . It has five times the range of the original 2000X battery (20 miles/110lb rider, 13 miles/160lb rider and 6miles/200lb rider).Moreover, this battery delivers an increased speed because the F cell NiMH battery cell has a higher amperage discharge rate than the D cell used in the original battery. In addition, you do NOT need to purchase another charger since my battery is 100% compatible with your original charger. Simply replace the old battery with the new one and you're good to go. The manufacturer has a 6 month warranty on these battery cells and I've never had any problems with these battery cells for the last 6 years. This is my offer to all of those thousands of Motorboard enthusiasts who bought the 2000X model and they don't really enjoy the 2 mile range of their Motorboard. Please contact me at for further info, suggestions or even complaints :) Ride with passion!!!!

                     30 Days Money Back Guarantee!!!!

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