Changing the deckboard

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Size of deck

The motorboard had several deckboard designs available, and some are still sold on ebay. To remove the Deckboard, simply unscrew the four deck screws with an allen wrench.

The manual says to avoid leaving the battery unprotected for any extended period of time, but other than the risk of the chemicals leaking from the battery, I do not know why they write this warning.

PVC Instant Response Shocks

PVC Instant Response Shocks on ebay
Four allen screws
Deck removed, brake cable and insulation shown
Battery cover removed

lake_enterprises on ebay sells "PVC Instant Response Shocks", he writes: "This is the next generation shock absorber for the Go Motorboard 2000X, 2000XR, and 2000XR+. If you are tired of road shock and vibration on your ride, try upgrading to these state of the art instant response PVC Shock absorbers custom engineered for the Roth Go Motorboard 2000 series (may work on earlier models, but has not been validated)".

Technical Specifications

  • Installs in minutes. Simply remove the 4 platform screws, place the shocks (4 total) over the screw holes, and tighten down using the supplied extra length screws. That's it! If you have a Philips screwdriver, it is that easy.
  • Substantially increases comfort when compared to Ensolite or no shock at all.
  • Small size. Super low weight.


Here is how my different Go Motorboard shocks compare:

  • 1/8" Ensolite ($9.99) - Good vibration damping
  • 1/4" Ensolite ($14.99) - Very good vibration damping
  • PVC Instant Response Damping Shocks ($24.99) - Great vibration damping, EASY INSTALL, NO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED.
  • Adjustable Comfort Ride Elastomeric Shocks ($49.99) - The Ultimate smooth ride, customizable to an individual rider's weight!