Carrying bag, and luggage mode

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A baseball bag will fit the entire motorboard, but adds significant weight.

A better solution might be to use a sleeping bag carrying case. Since the steering column doubles as a carrying handle when folded, a small cloth bag would fit over the motors and rear wheel while leaving the steering column available for holding.

Lifting the motorboard

The motorboard is extremely well balanced which means if there is a rough spot in the road, it is easy to pick up the entire motorboard by means of the handlebars and carry it over the rough area. Note however that the motorboard is exactly balanced, if the deck begins to move left or right, it will swing around and hit your ankles. This prompted one community member to write that she needed a small bit of first-aid on one of her first test runs of the 2000XR.

Luggage mode

An often overlooked method of transporting the motorboard when not in use is to raise the handle, leaving the handle bars folded, and carry the unit behind you with the front wheel on the ground like a piece of airplane luggage.

This looks like it was an original design goal of the motorboard, however when the handlebars are folded, what remains is a bit too small to grasp. Also the steering column is a little too high to be carried like airplane luggage. There was probably a design goal that the handbars could be raised to an intermediate position to make the motorboard easier to handle in this position. It is still possible to add an extra hole, but it would slow down assembly. Raising the handlebars from a folded position would have to pass over this extra hole.

Future Development

This mode should probably be developed because it makes the 2000X motorboard available to many people who find 16+ pounds difficult to lift on any regular basis.

It might even be possible to add a hook or folding shelf for a backpack, then the motorboard could double as a small luggage carrier.