Broken strain relief to throttle

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It is important to pay attention to the cable that leads into the throttle plastic housing. The cable has rubbery piece of plastic where the cable enters the housing. This piece is called a "strain relief" and it is intended to reduce strain on the cable and prevent the wires inside the cable from breaking as the cable itself is move to and fro. (This happens a lot because the handlebars are detachable)


After about three months of usage I noticed the strain relief had broken exposing the wires to the full stress of the movement of the cable.


To fix the problem,

  1. I removed the old strain relief
  2. I created a new strain relief
    1. I obtained a small section of black tubing (from an old power cord, after removing the wires)
    2. I split the tubing down the side
  3. I opened the throttle housing
  4. I placed the tubing over the wires
  5. Closed the split section of tubing with black electrical tape
  6. Closed the throttle housing making sure that half the new strain relief was inside the housing and half was outside