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BHT all components
whole Lipo batt
Nihm vs Lipo terminals
2000X vs Lipo charging port
2000X Nimh Molex connectors
2000XR A123 Deans connectors

Sold on ebay and

It is described as a "DIY ELECTRIC BICYCLE QUAD TRICYCLE CAR OEM Battery Pack".


OEM Battery Pack
Size: 290 x 65 x 45mm
Weight: 1.7Kg

Li-Ion Battery's Application:

  • Power hand tool, gardening tool, agriculture tool etc.
  • RC model: air plane, car, boat etc.
  • Medical equipment:ride instead of walk
  • Small Vehicle:E-bike, E-motorcycle, Golf car, Sport car, cleaning car E-car etc...


Although I have not see any instructions, based on information submitted by a member of the motorboard community, it appears to me that this will work with both 1500X, 2000X and 2000XR. All you need to do is:

  • Remove the old black lead from the to the Motor Controller.
  • Solder the supplied black lead to the Motor Controller.
  • Splice the the supplied red lead onto the red connector that connects to the power switch.
  • Remove the old charging connector (port)
  • Place the new charging connector (port) in the motorboard fuselage opening.

Community Review

I saw the link provided for lighter Lipo 18V-15Ah batts with BMS on ebay for 2000X from the BHT Diffusion group I thought it would suit my needs well. I ordered one and it took them 10 days to assemble and I have just received it. I thought that because it specifically stated for 2000X, it would come with all the right terminals and connectors. I was wrong. They don't match and require replacement by soldering new connectors in place of the old connectors. The port for charging the battery cannot be tightened to the fuselage because there is no thread. The batteries come with a 7 days return period if anything found wrong.