Adding a Cooling Fan

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For distances over 8 miles for a 160lbs driver or 4 miles for a 190lbs driver, the Roth Go Motorboard has a tendency to significantly overheat. Overheating can result with even less mileage if the road surface (sidewalk) is heated by the summer sun.

The heat is generated by the motors. Because the motors are in an enclosed compartment, damage can result. Usually the result is the melting of soldered joints, especially the black and red motor cables at the point where they connect with the Motor Controller PCB (printed circuit board). Also damage to the Motor brushes can occur, resulting in poor performance.

Ventilation Fan

For improved ventilation to the motors, you can buy one of those small (50x50mm) 24v computer fans and place it between the controller and the motors making sure that no wire interferes with the rotating blade. Try to support it with a rubber bicycle tire tube and you can also custom build a thin bendable metal and screw it in on the scooter frame and then attach it to the small fan by using 2 bolts and nuts. After you have the fan well placed inside, you can connect its two wires to the two motor controller wires (blue+ and white-). Make sure you connect them so your fan blows the air in the direction of the motors. This is the best connection choice because the faster your motors spin the faster your small fan will spin synchronizing perfectly with each other.

Heat Dissipation Fins

Other scooters, such as the GoPed electric scooters use large Heat Dissipation Fins attached to the motor and exposed to outside air. It is not clear how this would be implemented on a Roth Go Motorboard.