Adding a Battery Balancer

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Some information is here SRX parallel balancing port.

A123 cells with a Astro Flight "Blinky" balancer
Balancer and charger attached
Close-up of balancer and connector
Close-up of connector

A123 cells with a Astro Flight "Blinky" Li-poly balancer for A123 1-6 cell battery packs.

After six months of usage, I can say that I would never buy a battery without a balancer. I have taken my old battery pack which I thought would need to be replaced, and it is working like new for six months now. I have even rehabilitated by previous battery pack, so that it is now usable.

An added feature of the balance is that by showing which cell is low, I can see if one cell in particular is consistently low. If this occurs, it is a good indication that the wiring or connections to that cell are loose/faulty.

This is the best modification I have done to my 2000XR motorboard.